Here You Go Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is on it’s way.  It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas, right?  Valentine’s Day is a holiday that us single girls seem to dread.  It’s just not fun to be reminded that you don’t have anyone.  I have so many people that love me though, that I still look forward to the holiday and all the adorable gift ideas that go along with it.  I found some great ideas for you.  These are all available at Nordstrom or  
All images courtesy of Nordstrom
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  1. hey girl! just found you through the so cal blogger meet up! im going too! excited to meet you. we must live near each other if you go to Disneyland once a week! i go all the time too! live in orange right next to it :)

  2. I need to get me some TOMS! And sometimes “single’s awareness day” can be just as fun as “valentine’s day”. Weird that they fall on the same day, right?

  3. Even though I’m single, Valentine’s Day doesn’t bother me, at least not anymore! :)

    Love those sunglasses!

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