How About Those SAG’s?

Did you happen to catch the SAG awards last night?  I love the show.  Every year it’s fun to watch and I like to see them giving awards to their peers.  Of course there was some fabulous fashion and my favorite was probably Kristen Wiig of Bridesmaids.  I had no idea she was so pretty!  If you watched, who were your favorites?  
Photos courtesy of the L.A. Times Insider
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  1. great stuff, Kori! All these ladies show that the Hollywood style is still alive and kicking! I think I’m with the general consensus here, tho, and say that Clooney’s lady is indeed the coolest one of the bunch…

    oh, yea, it wouldn’t be a Huey comment w/o a GingeryFact, right? – you might already know this, but Ginger was a founding member of the Screen Actor’s Guild… pretty neat that it’s still going strong.

    KIG, Blondie!!!


  2. I missed the SAG awards, I was working! I’m glad to see fashion recaps from you!

    Who’s that one with the red backless dress? Wowza!



    p.s. You have a beautiful blog!

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