It’s On Top

I love the messy, sexy look of a top not style bun.  It looks effortless, yet chic at the same time.  I love all the variations of it.  What do you think?  Do you wear your hair up in a top knot-type style?

All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. I LOVE this look! messy bun worked when i was 12 and it works now too — gotta love that! gorgeous pictures Kori!

  2. Always love a messy, yet chic, bun…now if only I had enough hair to do that, but I plan to try out the sock bun at some point too! Hope you are having a Marvelous Monday, Kori!

    Liesl :)

  3. *sigh*
    in my dreams i have hair long enough for that look.

    luckily for me the whole “just got out of bed” look seems to be timeless ’cause…
    yeah. that’s what i have – naturally. LOLOL

    GORGEOUS photos!!!

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