Mad About Monograms

I hope you’re all having a great weekend.  I have been so busy catching up with friends that I haven’t had much of a chance to blog.  Today I am relaxing while having a Harry Potter marathon.  What are you up to?  
After seeing all the gorgeous monogrammed jewelry on Pinterest, I’m dying for a piece of my own.  I would love to put my initials all over everything.  Do you have anything monogrammed?  Have a great day!
All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. To say that I am obsessed with monograms is an understatement! I have to keep myself in check b/c if I don’t, our entire house would be covered in monogram. Some of my personal favorite pieces are my Max & Chole Monogram necklace (so worth the money) and my monogram iPhone cover (Dani Notes from Etsy). Love all of the items that you have picked. Thanks for fueling the obsession ;)

    Chelsea (

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