MMMMMMM, My Fedora!

So I got my 2nd fedora last week at Goorin Bros. (My favorite hat store ever!) and I’m loving it.  It’s dark gray and has black accents, with blue and yellow feathers on the band.  So hot.  What I love about fedoras is they are chic for Winter, but also great for the beach in the summer or hanging out by the pool.  Do you rock one?  Do share!

All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. I’ve always wanted one, but my head is so small, I can’t find one that fits right. Hahaha! I love the third one down!

  2. I LOVE my fedora and can’t wait to wear it while I’m in Florida next week! It’s straw with a black band.

  3. You should’ve posted a photo of it, it sounds pretty!

    I don’t have a Fedora but I’m tempted to get one every time I see one in the store!

  4. i have fedora that i really like but was wanting to get one with feathers, i’ll have to check that site out.

    also i wasn’t sure if it would be fashionable acceptable to wear it during the winter but i think i might try it. especially with a fun scarf.

  5. They are so cute! I have a hat kinda like one. I can’t quite pull off the full look.

    P.S. come check out my giveaway for something cute to go around your neck!

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