February Is Made For Color

Good morning!  Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the Superbowl.  I was so exhausted that I could barely keep my eyes open for the game.  As I shared yesterday, I attended the So. Cal Blogger event in La Jolla and the weather was just gorgeous.  It’s getting warmer here in sunny Southern California and I’m ready to break out my bright colors.  I love wearing coral, bright pink, turquoise, and anything else that looks great with a tan.  I’m trying to wait to shop since I just started working out with a trainer, but it’s so tough with all the beautiful shades out there!  Take a look!
All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. I can’t believe how nice it is down there. I’m going to Disneyland tomorrow and it’s supposed to be 79?! I definitely need to pack some color!

  2. honey thanks for your sweet words!!! its my pleasure to connect to your blog and fashion friday’s is a fab idea. btw i love the colors and the dresses, and i love the floral dress, I’ve actually got a similar one looks absolutely similar hehe..

  3. Definitely gorgeous, bright colors!
    How amazing to have a trainer! Keep it up!
    Then you can reward yourself a little bit as you reach certain goals ;) WIN/WIN!

  4. I’m upset that I missed the meet-up, I was really looking forward to going! Love all of these looks, especially the pink and orange jacket!

  5. I wish there were more bloggers to get together with here in Austin. I bet you ladies had fun. I definitely need to tan these white little legs of min before I start wearing these fab colors. Love them all! Happy Monday!

    Because Shanna Said So

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