Grammy Girls

Instead of posting pics from the Grammy’s last night, I found these stunning photos of the lovely ladies nominated this year.  They all look gorgeous, but I have to admit that Adele is my favorite of the bunch.  Katy Perry looks stunning with regular colored hair, I don’t understand why she continues to dye it horrendous colors…your thoughts?  Did you watch?  
All photos courtesy of Elle Magazine
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  1. Absolutely fabulous shots dear!!! I’m so happy for Adele: love her music and her voice!!! And you’ve got a gorgeous blog too!!!

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    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I love Katy Perry when she is just her, and isn’t trying to be all crazy! She is a classic beauty and all the “show” gets in the way of that.

    Can I just say, Adele looked AMAZING last night and so excited she won, 6 times!!! Love her and her strength!

  3. They all look so beautiful! Katy Perry especially. I’m with you, I wish she’d stick to normal hair color! Her crimped blue hair last night was really bad and I feel like she’s just too old for that stuff now. Adele is my favorite out of the bunch too!

  4. I love Adelle too :) And I fully agree with you on the Katy Perry hair subject. I loved her with a dark brown color

  5. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are two of my favorites, but I do love Adele too!

    Gaga looks amazing in her photo, she hardly ever looks pretty.

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