Katy Perry–Love Or Not So Much?

I have to admit, I’m torn about this question.  I absolutely couldn’t stand Katy Perry when she first came out.  It really bothered me that someone who was a former Christian singer did what I considered “selling out” just to get famous.  Her song “I Kissed A Girl” really put her on the map, and I just couldn’t understand why people were embracing the song so much.  I haven’t really been a big fan of hers since then, but am finding some of her songs really good and I have to admit she’s a very good singer.  Not only that, but the girl is gorgeous, and therefore I will give credit where credit is due, even though I’m still on the fence about her.  I’m curious what your thoughts are about her?  Here are some gorgeous shots of her and her newest video, which I love…such a great song…”The One That Got Away.”
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  1. I’m torn about her too, but I like her less now than I used to. There are so many good songs from her first album and the songs from her second album lack the heart her earlier songs had (besides I Kissed A Girl, of course). She just makes mindless music to sell records now. I think she’s pretty and talented, but her over the top antics drive me crazy. Take a note from Adele’s playbook and focus on the talent, ladies!

  2. i love katy perry. however I think she started her career the way she did in a way to rebel the way she was brought up. but i feel like she has toned down a bit. however i’m not a big fan of “the one that got away”

  3. This girl is gorgeous…hands down. Not liking her funky hair phase though but all in all I like her. The singing…she’s got a great voice just sometimes uses it not to her advantage…though, I have to say I’m listening to her music ever since it came out…just because it’s catchy and I can work out easier. Haha!

  4. I wasn’t a fan of hers at first because I couldn’t stand her first song. I’ve loved all of her songs after that one though!

  5. I like her. I understand what you say about selling out, but she’s so extremely talented, and just gorgeous as can be. It’s really hard not to like her, and her catchy tunes.

  6. I think she is pretty and some of her songs are catchy, but her music will never be on my ipod. I think shes overrated! Beautiful and a beautiful studio voice, but I don’t love her.

  7. I too have mixed feelings on Katy. I love love love her last album (it’s a great one to plug in a bop around to) and I think that she is stunningly gorgeous (when she doesn’t dye her hair wacky colors). But there’s just something about her that doesn’t sit quite right.

    Chelsea (www.hautechildinthecity.com)

  8. I’m just the opposite – I used to like her but now I’m finding I like her less. She’s absolutely horrible live and just seems to be trying to hard now in my opinion

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