Oh Baby Blue

Happy Wednesday!  Sorry it took me so long to post today, I’ve been kind of swamped.  There are so many colors I love for spring, and can’t wait to get a tan to wear most of them lol.  The color I’m loving this week is baby blue.  It’s all over the place, and oh so feminine.  Did you see Katy Perry’s dress at the Grammy’s?  GORGEOUS!  Have a great night.  See you tomorrow!  
All images courtesy of Pinterest
Are your posts ready for Fashion Friday?  The link should be up tomorrow night!
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  1. I love that baby blue. Retro chic much!

    I love those nails. I just may try that color next with a bit of sparkle. xx

  2. Oh the pastel color of baby blue! I think it is so pretty.

    Just saw that you posted about the color run. I also have seen it on another blog this morning, neither of which I had seen before my post today about it! I think it looks like so much fun!

  3. LOVE the pastels too! And I love the light blue nails with the glitter! Think I need to try that some time! -Jessica


  4. The very first nail picture you have with the sparkles os A-MAZ-ING! I need this to be my next mani!

    I agree this color is back in and very calming..however I am going to disagree with the Katy perry hair. I just wish she would be a little less CRAZY with the outfits and hair colors and makeup and just sing!!! She has a huge talent and I think that all the get ups are distracting people from that.

    Have a great rest of your week!

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