Oscar Fashion 2012

Well, another disappointing Red Carpet…I’m so bored with the fashions out there this past few years.  It’s hard for me to find even a handful of dresses I really love.  There were more fashion faux pas then looks I liked.  I’m curious to see if you shared any of my opinions.  
Here are the looks I liked:

And those that I didn’t:

All photos courtesy of Yahoo.com
BTW did you see poor Ryan’s moment on the Red Carpet?
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  1. Great choices all around! I think most everyone looked lovely this year, and the more mature ones really stepped it up! However, I don’ think there were any “wow” moments, which is what I think left people with a less than impressed overall feel, but I still love watching them! :)

  2. YES, I saw the unfortunate “spill” on Ryan’s tux … I didn’t feel that whole thing was very “Oscar” like and I don’t think he did either! I agree on the gowns and my favorites were several that you had mentioned. Angelina always looks beautiful, but geesh, the leg-sticking-out-there-pose looked so too “look at me!” Have a great week, Kori! ~xoSM

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  3. I wasn’t that impressed either. I really liked Emma Stone’s look and Michelle and Cameron were some of my favorites too. Angelina was so strange!

  4. There is something about that red sparkly dress that just looks cheap & tacky! Sometimes I wonder what goes through these people’s heads when getting ready. Definitely with you on your picks!

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