Split Personality

I’m having some issues, no not those kind of issues…decorating issues lol.  My tastes are all over the place lately it seems and I’m completely confused about what style I like.  Here are a few photos of some interiors I love, maybe you can help me figure it out?  
All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. I won’t be much help. My style seems to be everywhere these days too. I need to find some happy medium but not sure how to go about that.

  2. my style is all over the place as well , i’m sure you can find a way to fuse it all together they aren’t that drastically different. I think when i get a house one day each room may have to have a different theme lol

  3. what i love about your style is it seems you have room to play with it. Pick neutral bases…like a beige couch or bed spread and then play with accents. You can get sick of them and redo your rooms all the time and not spend a fortune because your bases are staying the same. You can always change throw pillows or blankets or vases or pictures in a room.

    I love the teal colors in the first picture.

  4. You like clean, cozy, modern, chic. Not that that’s one type of style, but if a house is all decorated with the same theme throughout, I think it’s so dull. You like crisp things with clean lines and pops of bright (but soft) colors.

  5. These are all great inspiration! It looks like you go back and forth between traditional and modern. Keep looking and ask your self questions. You will find your niche!


  6. Wow, I’m loving the first, third and last pictures! The ones with the bright pops of color are amazing. I think that the all cool tone ones are pretty too, you just might get bored with them really easy…

  7. Just a thought…but after looking at your pictures it seems like you lean towards a cool grey color (blueish grey) since that color is in almost every picture. That accented with some bright color whether it be white, yellow, teal, red, etc. Also, accented with elegant and casual pieces (a gold lamp on what looks to be a silver filing cabinet or a chandelier hanging over a cloth ottoman/coffee table). I could be completely off but it could be a place to start?

  8. I am feeling the exact same way lately while attempting to redo my bedroom. I can’t decide between a white palette, lots of pastels, black and white, or lots of color! The chandelier is a given. ;)

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