Fashion Friday and New Blog Design!!!

Sorry for the delay in getting the Fashion Friday post up, but I’ve been working with my fabulous blog designer, Stephanie of Dirt and Lace Blog Design to revamp my baby!  I hope you love the new look.  It’s perfect and just what I was looking for.  If the artwork looks familiar, that might be because the fabulous Inslee Haynes created the image and the watercolor text for me!  Isn’t she talented?  I’ve been so excited to share the new look with you all!
With the new look, I’ve created a new button for Fashion Friday, so hopefully you will add the fabulous new design to this week’s Fashion Friday post.  You can see it below in this post or on my sidebar.
This week I’m loving all the gorgeous clutch bags out there.  It’s hard for me to condense everything I own into a small clutch bag, but they look so chic, that sometimes you just have to leave some junk at home!  Here are a few of my favorites.
Rachel Zoe
Tory Burch
Diane Von Furstenberg
Kate Spade
Marc Jacobs
Kate Spade
House of Harlow
All images of bags courtesy of Nordstrom online
All other images courtesy of Pinterest
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1.  Blog about anything fashion related (please make sure it is a current post from today on)
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3.  Leave me a comment letting me know you were here
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Join the Discussion!

  1. …Great new look, Kori! ‘B.E.’ continues to be the prototype for how a blog should look and function!

    Hope you are having an awesome weekend!!!



  2. Looooove your new look Kori and the new Fashion Friday banner! Can’t wait till next Friday to pop it up. Lol..I was just considering doing a post on clutches too! Loving those Kate Spade clutches…cute!

  3. So, so pretty, and I am LOVING your new blog design layout! Hope you are having a Super Saturday, Kori! :)

  4. Hi Kori, The new look is quite lovely. You’ve curated a nice collection of handbags here but the Marc Jacob may be my favorite.

  5. Love Inslee’s illustrations, she is just so talented!! And, this new header looks so happening and fresh.
    Big props on this, Kori…xx’s

  6. I love,love,love the new blog design!!
    It’s so fresh and fun – keep it for a long time!

    Love all the pretties you posted as well. have a wonderful weekend love

  7. I can finally comment!
    Love, love, love the new design. Just beautiful.
    I just bought that Tory Burch clutch as a gift for my daughter’s confirmation sponsor. It is perfection.

  8. I want that Kate Spade pink/orange clutch sooo bad! I have an orange dress with pink/orange scarf for the spring and NEED that clutch!

  9. I love clutches and buy them all the time, but don’t use them enough. Pretty much just at weddings or for a night out. I’ve just got too much stuff! I LOVE the new design!!!

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