Fashion Friday Why I Love Wedges

Hey friends!  It’s almost Friday–yippee!!!  I’m so exhausted, I’m glad the weekend is finally almost here.  I hope you can link up with me for Fashion Friday…get those posts ready!  
This week what I’m loving are wedges.  The reason I love wedges is they are perfect for summer with a great pair of shorts or capris, and some tan legs!  They also look sexy and are comfy at the same time…take a look at some of my favorite wedge looks.
All images courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. I love the look of wedges, but can’t pull them off. I’m already 6 feet tall so I’d tower over everyone. Hahaha. I have a pair of short espadrille wedges that I like though. These are all so cute!

  2. I LOVE wedges too…and this post reminds me that Spring is about to “spring”, cant wait!

    I was really surprised how comfu wedges are to wear:)

    Happy Weekend Sweets!

  3. I LOVE wedges too…and this post reminds me that Spring is about to “spring”, cant wait!

    I was really surprised how comfu wedges are to wear:)

    Happy Weekend Sweets!

  4. OUCH… at first read, I thought the headline read, “why I love WEDGIES!’…oof…gotta get some stronger reading glasses…:-)

    …anyway, strangely enough, I was out with the fam tonight, and my daughter and one of her little buds were hopping from shoe store to shoe store, looking for ‘yellow box’ shoes (I’m sure y’all know what those are), but also trying on the mondo-heeled shoes… and also some of these wedges of which you speak! Of course, every time we end up in the shoe area, I am reminded of you, Blondie! :-)

    Hope you have a great weekend, Lady K!!!


  5. I adore wedges. Thanks for sharing all these fun pics and hosting Fashion Friday. I have been so behind on reading blogs and writing my own. I hope to link up but I’m just glad i was able to stop by and see this fun post!

  6. I love all of your posts. They give me so much inspiration on fashion :)

    I am looking to ad sponsors to my blog. Would you be interested in swapping buttons for a while? No Pressure. Just let me know :)


  7. Such a fun post, Kori! I love wedges, too, and these give me great inspiration for my next shopping trip! :) Happy Weekend!

  8. I love those Steve Madden wedges on top! I have the nude pair and they are amazing, but the colorful ones are perfect for summer!

  9. I have a hard time finding some that fit my tiny feet. I do love them so very much though!!! I posted some cute pairs over on my blog today. (Great minds think alike!) Have a great weekend!

  10. I have these awesome Jessica Simpson wedges that I got for a deal at TJMaxx last year! I’m telling you I’m in heaven when I wear them! Just linked up by the way! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! x

  11. OK I have been loving wedges for the last few years, but this year they are exceptionally cute. BTW, my really good friend has the 1st ones and they are awesome!!!

  12. I noticed it seems as though a few people ( I can’t say how many because I haven’t gone to all yet) don’t post the Blog Hop widget or link to the next blog on the blog hop on their page. Maybe you could better explain this so people understand. Including me :)

  13. i love wedges but after so many years of modeling I barely wearing any heels at all anymore.

    Loving Fashion Fridays!

    Still trying to figure out how to add the blog hop link

  14. Love wedges! I like those green ones you posted and the last pair in nude. I own a few pairs, and love how cute they look with jeans. Comfort and style in one! Happy weekend!

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