Mirror, Mirror

I’m a huge Snow White fan, or more specifically Evil Queen fan, so I was thrilled to find out there are not one, but two versions of the story coming out on film this year.  The first one is a little more lighthearted and comedic, not as dark.  This one is called “Mirror, Mirror” and stars Julia Roberts, and Phil Collins’ daughter, Lily Collins.  W Magazine featured photos from the set this month, so I had to share.  Look at the fabulous costumes!  What do you think?  Will you go see the film?  

All photos courtesy of Brigitte Lacombe for W Magazine
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  1. I definitely want to see this! The costumes look insanely gorgeous.

    I’m not a Kristen Stewart fan AT ALL, so I’m not too excited about the other one.

  2. im in love with these costumes! i totally want to see this movie too. im kind of a princess movie girl lol. but seriously, those ships on the heads are the best!!!!

  3. I’m not gonna lie, I’m much more of a “Snow White And The Huntsman” type of girl. But I will most likely see this one as well. We have $5 movie nights here now.

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