Pearls (Or Rather Curls) of Wisdom…

Can someone please help me?  I am so lost when it comes to doing anything with my hair.  Now that it’s getting longer, I’m dying for long, loose curls and can’t seem to swing it.  It’s pretty bad when I’m even asking my high school students for their help!  LOL.  Any tips to get these gorgeous locks?
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  1. I can never curl mine either. I have shoulder length hair right now and would die for Keri Russell’s look! I bought a curling wand, but I must need lots of practice because it came out BAD. When my hair was longer I could use my 5/8″ flat iron to get some waves. If you find any good tutorials or figure it out, be sure to share!

  2. I have totally straight hair and to get soft curls that turn to waves on the second day I use a hot hair curler. I use the one that has soft velvet on the roller. Trying to use a curling iron on a mass of hair is crying time, my arms give out. Just wash your hair, use a very light conditioner (unless you need more), dry it completely. This is important or the curl won’t take. While drying, bend over and dry it upside down to give it lift. After it’s dry, curl with the larger curlers. Test how long to leave them on as when the curl takes it takes. I put them on quickly, doesn’t have to be perfect, then take them off after less than 3 minutes or I get high school hair. Let the curls cool before you brush, spray if you want and you should have beautiful, bouncy curls. This whole thing should take you less than 20 minutes, I take less because I’ve done it since I was 17 so it’s automatic.

  3. Girl, I wish I could help you, but I, too, long for those gorgeous curls and can’t seem to figure it out. I do know though, that when my hair is curled with a Chi as opposed to a curling iron, it holds for a lot longer and is SO pretty!

  4. So I’m not your student but I may be able to help considering I have spent years trying to figure the same thing out. Mousse and hair spray will be your best friend. I have very straight and very thick hair. I have found that Aussie hair products work best for me. After I get out of the shower I dry my hair as much as possible with a towel and then apply a generous amount of mousse. I then dry my hair with a blow dryer. Once its dry I use a large curling iron to curl my hair and just spray a little bit of Aussie hair spray before and after I curl each part. Another option (and do this before you go to bed) is to dry your hair until it is just a little damp then apply mousse. Once you’ve done that you section off parts of your hair (the larger the part the larger the waves/curls) and twist the section until it tightens and becomes like a mini-bun against your head. Pin the section and do this for all the sections. Sleep on it and when you wake up you will have waves.

  5. you can wash your hair blow it out until its only damp and pin curl it. The smaller the pin the tighter the curl. Or twist your hair into a high bun will damp and loose waves will appear.

  6. I usually just blow dry my hair at night and then tie it in a bun and go to sleep. The next day I just have this nice little natural wave but I spray a bit of hair spray because my hair is somewhat fine. Hope that’s helpful x

  7. I have naturally curly hair. I wish I could help. I’m almost 39 years old and have the same hair style many years. I’m ready for a change myself. I saw someone say they use George Michael products. Where can I find that? I’m about to put a bunch of layers in my hair too. I wish I can wear my hair short like Kerry Russell

  8. I have naturally curly hair but I recently tried and fell in love with big roller under a professional dryer treatment. Maybe just special occasion but, your hair comes out wavy and fabulous! Also recommend George Michael hair products- no damage to hair and lot’s o shine!

  9. I would so love to help you, but I have the exact same problem! My hair is desperately straight, and whatever I do, I cannot achieve this perfection :( If you ever find out something that works, please please, share! :)

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

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