Are You Bikini Ready?

Thursday already?  Where has the week gone?  I hope you’ve all had a great week so far and are looking forward to the weekend.  It’s been absolutely gorgeous here in sunny southern California this week.  I can’t wait to get to the beach…and to get to the beach I need to be bikini ready.  I’ve been working my butt off the past few months and hope to look great in my suit this summer!  I found some amazing suits on Pinterest.  Check them out!
I notice that the only photos I found that the girl has a belly ring is the two above.  They look so adorable.  I used to have my belly button pierced, but took it out a few years ago.  It left a hole and hasn’t gone away.  I’m thinking it might be time to re-pierce?  Do you have your belly button pierced?  I’m thinking if I do it, I have to get this adorable belly ring
What do you think?  There are a few others, help me pick here.
All images except belly ring courtesy of Pinterest
Get your Fashion Friday posts ready…the link will be up later tonight!

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  1. I am not ready but then I don’t have anywhere to wear one either. Which is good this year.
    I love the lacy looking one.

  2. I was just joking with a friend that I’m going to be the one trying to cover myself up in a maternity tankini with my belly still sticking out. I’m HUGE!

  3. These suits are absolutely gorgeous. My favorite is the turquoise one. I am not bikini ready yet but have been working my butt off so hopefully I will be ready by July 4th for a mini vacation.

  4. at 9 Months preggo I’m NOT bikini ready :) But hopefully will be by June!!!! Love the suit styles this year! It’s killing me not being able to try them on!!! Well I guess I could still go try them on, but I’d have to envision them without a huge baby bump!

  5. hey, I just found you through a linky party I think(?) You know how you find yourself on a blog and have NO IDEA how you got there?? Anyway, I love the look and feel of your blog, and would love to start following along. I’m a fellow Jesus follower and fashion lover…(I think I’ll start linking up with your Fashion Friday too). Anyway, hope to see you around my home on the web too. blessings…

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