Beauty At Any Age?

Lauren Bacall
I hope you all had a great week.  My spring break was a little bit rained out, but at least I got some time to rest.  I can’t believe I only have about 6 weeks left of school and I’m off for the summer!  Let the countdown begin!  
With so many considering or even getting plastic surgery these days, it’s nice to know there are still those who would rather “age gracefully.”  As we age, the experiences of our lives begin to show on our faces.  That couldn’t be more evident then in the the following photos of Hollywood’s finest.  
Robert DeNiro

Al Pacino

Clint Eastwood

Jeff Bridges
All photos courtesy of Andy Gotts from
What do you think?  Age gracefully or avoid it at all costs?
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  1. It’s age gracefully all the way in my books. While no one really wants to see their youth fade away, I think the best way to honour the years you’ve experienced is to not pretend they didn’t happen by trying to make yourself look a lot younger than you really are.

    I actually find myself liking my own appearance more with each passing year, and am finally starting to be a bit more comfortable in my own skin as I wander through my mid to late 20s these days.

    Thank you sweetly for your lovely comment on my vintage outfit post today, dear Kori. Like you, I check in here at your blog periodically, too, and have missed catching up on a more frequent basis. Let’s try and remedy that from here on out! :)

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Wow – those photos are stunning!
    As for aging gracefully myself, I don’t think I’d ever have a HUGE amount of cosmetic surgery, but, if there was a body part I really, really hated, and it bothered me ALL THE TIME, I think I’d consider doing something about it, if I could.

  3. These are great! One of my students asked me, how do you get wrinkles, and I said, “You earn them!” The class liked that answer. :-)

  4. I’m about trying to age gracefully, if at all possible, and there really is something to be said about the character and stories all those faces tell through the lines and wrinkles, which make each of them unique and different! :)

  5. These people are all great examples of letting nature happen. I’m not a fan of plastic surgery. I will grow old gracefully or at least grow old as best I can.

  6. I didn’t recognize Lauren Bacall, or know that you were even doing pictures of celebrities, but I thought, this woman was a beauty during her lifetime. And I was right. I know this is how I am going to grow old. I am too afraid of plastic surgery {or any surgery!!}, so I will be what I am!


  7. I see no issue with aging gracefully. I hope I am able to do that as well as my grandmothers and mother. But I will help it along a bit with creams

  8. I see no problem with aging gracefully, but I also don’t mind people wanting to feel good and if a little Botox makes someone feel better about themselves I’m not going to say differently.
    Either way it’s nice to see faces with lines and stories which we’re seeing less and less of in Hollywood.

  9. I love that there are still celebrities in Hollywood who feel comortable enough aging gracefully (or naturally…becuase let’s face it some of them aren’t looking THAT graceful). It bums me out when so many of my friends complain about getting older…I love the saying ‘Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.’

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