Do Brunettes Have More Fun?

I’ve been blonde for over a year now and I think I’m getting ready for a change.  My natural color is a light brown…I will show you what my color in high school was below.  I’ve had every color from blonde to black, but feel like it hasn’t been the right shade.  I’m noticing how you dry and part your hair makes a huge difference in how the color looks.  And, of course, you need professional hair dryers to achieve that perfect blowout.  Here’s what I’m thinking…
and, here’s me in high school, it looks like I was ahead of the ombre trend huh? LOL

I definitely don’t think I’m that dark naturally anymore, but maybe I should try it?  Thoughts?
All images courtesy of Pinterest, except those of Me, courtesy of Kori Donahue via Blonde Episodes
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  1. You definitely had the ombre before it was cool! You should totally try something new, you’d look great! I wish I could!

  2. I say go for it! It’s always nice to have a change :-) maybe go semi permanent though just in case you want to go back to blonde!

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