Fashion Friday Racing Stripes

Good morning all!  Sorry for the delay in the link up.  I was exhausted last night and didn’t have time to put anything together.  I hope you can still come link up with me!  This week I’m loving the racing stripe trend.  They’re sporty, but can be feminine at the same time.  And, since I’ve been into working out lately, they appeal to my athletic side.  Check out these fun looks from Vogue Magazine and let me know what you think!
So, which look is your favorite?  Want to link up with me?  Just follow the directions below and make some new friends!

1.  Blog about anything fashion related (please make sure its a post from today on)
2.  Grab the button above and link back to Blonde Episodes
3.  Leave me a comment letting me know you were here
4.  Add your link to the linkup
5.  Visit other blogs on the link and make new friends!
All photos courtesy of Vogue Magazine
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Join the Discussion!

  1. I got linked up! My first time :-) I hope it did everything right! Now, onto reading everyone else’s blogs! :-)

  2. WOWOWOWOW!!!! Number 1 is my favorite because of the orange and leather. BUT, I want one of each please, stat. Fashion Fairy I hope you are paying attention to this!! Awesome post my dear!

  3. I like #’s 1 and 4! My first time to link up in your blog and looks like I’ll be here more often, love your fashion friday link up it gives me a reason to come up with fashion post. :) thanks!

  4. I love the tops in 4 and 7! Very nice! I’m new to your blog, came by from BlondeAmbitions. Looks fun, I’m going to try and put together a Fashion Friday post!

  5. Hi Kori,
    I love the sunnies! The stripes plus the cat eyes equals fabulous in my book! Thanks for the link up. I just linked and I’m hoping to make some new friends this week!
    Cheers to the weekend,

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