Lean Legs For Summer

Good morning!  I’m back at work this morning and need to get back on the workout track, so I thought we could all use a little motivation.  I have long legs.  REALLY long legs.  I always thought they were my best asset, but after working out with a trainer, I realized they are a bit out of shape, even if they look lean, doesn’t mean they’re strong.  So, I’m on a mission to get summer legs.  Like Carrie’s!  
No one has better legs than Carrie Underwood that’s for sure.
So, here are some fabulous legs to get you motivated, then some ideas of how to achieve those gorgeous gams.  Now get working!
And here’s how you get them:
All images courtesy of Pinterest unless otherwise credited
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  1. Great post! I love exercising and the tips you posted are great! <3 Carrie Underwood, she’s my fitness idol!!

  2. You forgot Angelina’s right let – SHE sure seems to think it’s fabulous! ;)
    I agree on the Carrie Underwood call. Sarah Jessica Parker also has similarly amazing legs.

  3. Ooh, goodness Kori we must be on the same wave length today…I’m starting a work out to try to get my gams looking leaner! Love this post!
    I’d kill to have legs like the girl in the red heels!! Inspiration galore!!

  4. I’m glad I popped over for a visit! Although there is no way my legs will ever look like any of these your post is just in time! I’m on my way to Maui in about a month and really need this! Have a great week:)

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