Lovely Lauren

Were you a fan of the show Laguna Beach?  I know I was.  I live about 40 minutes from Laguna Beach, so my fascination was basically with the locale.  Lauren Conrad has come a long way from the show.  She has a clothing line, a successful blog, and also had her own spinoff The Hills.  I love her style and she always seems to look lovely.  The photos of her in next month’s Glamour Magazine are stunning.  What do you think? 

All photos courtesy of Glamour Magazine by Peggy Sirota
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  1. She is adorable! My sister and I were pretty hooked on both Laguna Beach and The Hills. I might own almost all of the seasons on DVD… and I might need to have a marathon tomorrow.

  2. I love her! But that first photo is kinda scandy for her! She’s so beautiful. I need to get on her diet! Skinny but healthy looking.

  3. The photographer did SUCH an amazing job with this shoot. But of course, it wouldn’t be hard to photograph her, she’s so beautiful! I love these!

  4. she is so cute! i want her the outfit with the stripe top white shorts and adorable espidrilles!!!

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