Sponsor Giveaway! Come Enter!

I’m so excited that one of my fabulous sponsors, who also happens to be a great friend of mine, Blondie’s Shop, has decided to do a giveaway for her Etsy shop!  Heather is so talented and creative when it comes to her fabulous card designs.  If you need baby shower announcements, thank you notes, or girls night out invites, it’s the perfect place to get them.  So what’s she offering?  $20 Credit to her fabulous store!  You will simply just go on her site, choose what you want, and she’ll send them to you!  It’s that easy!  

So, how do you enter?  Just follow the directions on the link below for Rafflecopter!  The giveaway ends next Friday, April 20th.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. cute stuffs >< can't even pick just one lol :p

    my fav is Set of 2 Oh-la-la Note Glamorous Girlie Cards – black, white, pink – rhinestones and pearls <3

  2. What a great shop! There’s so much to choose from but my favorite would be the 3-initial sugarplum monogram note card set. So cute!

  3. It’s hard to think of which ones specifically I like most, but living so far away from my friends and family while at school I’d love some “thinking of you” cards to send home to the people I love!

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