Bebe’s Summer Lookbook

I haven’t been a fan of Bebe for the past few years.  I don’t go to Vegas, and rarely need a skin tight party dress, which seem to be all they had to offer.  So, imagine my surprise when I got the Summer catalog in the mail and found myself wanting everything in it!  I’m so excited!  It seems like the old Bebe is on it’s way back.  There are cute dresses, colorful jumpsuits, and a few handbags that are to die for!  Look at some of my favorites.

All images courtesy of Bebe
So, what do you think? Which look is your favorite?
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  1. You have such a wonderful blog! I’m your newest follower! If you have some time, please visit mine, too- we can follow each other if you like it! :) Have a nice Sunday!
    Laura Mint from

  2. I gave up on Bebe a few years ago, too. The last looks on the bottom of your post are kinda cute. The rest just don’t fit my lifestyle anymore!

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