Dust Off Those Boots

It’s that time again. Time to get tickets to every country outdoor concert there is.  Time to find an adorable pair of short shorts, some fabulous cowboy boots, and a sexy hat.  Time for a Shocktop and good friends.  Stagecoach this past weekend officially kicked off country concert season.  I love my summer’s for many reasons, but good old country music is definitely one of the big ones. 
If you plan to join me in taking in a few shows this summer, make sure you have all the gear.  For boots, get down to Boot Barn and don’t settle for anything less than some Old Gringos.  Here’s my new pair:
Photo courtesy of Boot Barn
Another place I love to online shop is a little boutique I found in Texas called Pistols and Pearls.  They have great deals, fun novelty items, and are so friendly!  Tell them I sent you!

I’m dying for these at Boot Barn…amazing colors for Summer

All images courtesy of Pinterest except boots courtesy of Boot Barn
In the cowgirl spirit yet?  What are you waiting for?  
Fashion Friday link will be up later this evening so get your posts ready!
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  1. I love those boots! Being from Texas, I have seen my share but these are really great. Thanks for pointing them out to us.
    from katespade-aholic.com

  2. excuse me but ~ HOLY CR@P !! ~ those are some gorgeous boots, girl…and I’m writing from Santa Fe, New Mexico, so, I’ve seen more than a few. Cowgirl boots are usually not my style, but after seeing the ones you just got…well…I may have to re-think it. Dang. Very pretty.

  3. Heck yeah.. my favorite season! I’ve already broke mine out a few times already. Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect blinged out shorts for the Miranda Lambert concert I’m going too in a few weeks.. so excited!

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