Fashion Friday Let’s Romp!

I’m so glad it’s almost Friday…this week has been exhausting.  I’m so ready for the end of the school year (14 more days!), I’m battling a sore throat, and to top it all off I ran into the wall last night and bit through my lip!  Awesome.  Let’s move on to something fun…Fashion Friday is here!  
This week I’m loving the adorable rompers I keep seeing everywhere.  They look sweet but sexy at the same time.  The colors, patterns, and fabrics out there are plenty, and you get a whole outfit in one piece.

It’s time to link up!  If you want to join in the fun for Fashion Friday, just follow the directions below and you’re in!

1.  Blog about anything fashion related (please make sure its a current post from today forward)
2.  Grab my button above and link back to Blonde Episodes
3.  Add your link to the link up
4.  Leave me a comment letting me know you were here!
5.  Visit other blogs on the link and make new friends
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Join the Discussion!

  1. You poor thing! Feel better!
    I love all these rompers. I’ve been hesitant to try them in the past but think I might this summer. They look comfy and cute!

  2. dang it…hope you are ok, Kori! …neat post – cool outfits… hope school melts away for ya in VERY short order! My little one is ‘basically’ done, just a few ‘half-days’ to do next week to make the # of days official, and that’s it…

    Have a Gingery Weekend, Blondie!!!


  3. Yay for almost being done with school…countdown is on! :) Loving these rompers, especially the first one! Super cute! Have a Wonderful Weekend, Kori!!!

  4. I have a really cute romper I found at a Rue 21 or something similar a few years ago. Anyway, I wore it to Cancun on my 10 yr. wedding anniversary vacation with my babes in March 2010 (far before they were “in”) and everyone there LOVED it. anyway, I should send you the picture. At the time I was only 5 months out from having a baby, so I was feelin’ pretty hot! lol. =)

  5. I love the romper look! I just bought a royal blue one and wore it for the first time last weekend~so many compliments! Thanks again for hosting Fashion Friday~Angie

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