Hatfield’s & McCoys — My Relatives

Good morning!  I hope you all had a great, long weekend.  A 4-day workweek is just what we need.  Let the countdown begin.  I’m down to 8 days of school!!  Summer’s almost here!  Moving on…last night the History Channel debuted it’s mini-series, Hatfield’s & McCoys.  I hope you had a chance to catch it.  I have a little more interest in the series than others might, because it has always been said that my family (mom’s side) was related to both the families!  Yes, my Mamaw to the Hatfield’s, and my Papaw to the McCoy’s.  Seriously?  Wow, that’s some dangerous blood I’ve got.  It’s no secret my mom’s side is a little backwoods, but both of America’s most famous feuding families?!  Too funny.
The other reason to watch?  Matt Barr.  Enough said.  No idea who he is?  You probably thought of him as the hot, young blonde guy.  He’s been on Hellcats, American Pie, The Housebunny, etc.  He makes the series just that much more interesting.  If you watched, I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Yep that’s Matt Barr…

Yes, that’s him again…

Oh my…
All photos courtesy of BHTV
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  1. That is so cool that you have that blood tie.
    I loved the series but in a way wish it was longer and showed more after the end of the truce was called. And yes Matt Barr was worth watching it

  2. As my family’s chief genealogist and (as you know ;D) a major history buff, I can’t help but love this post and think it’s thoroughly interesting that you may have such infamous characters in your family tree.

    Thank you very much for you sweet comment on my vintage outfit this week, dear gal, I totally appreciate it!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I’m so excited for this mini-series as this all happened in the small West Virginia town where I grew up (our town connects WV and KY)! Very cool that you are related to both….my people are Hatfields :)

  4. That’s really cool, Kori! Related to BOTH of the families?! Wow!
    I didn’t get to watch it, but it looks like a really cool show. :)
    And that blonde dude is pretty good looking, I can totally understand how he would make any show more interesting. ;)
    Have a beautiful day, Hun!

  5. nice…i have it on dvr and set to record all of them…will probably watch them this weekend…pretty cool on you connection as well…smiles.

  6. I had never even heard of this before, but it looks pretty cool! Plus, it’s your family history on TV, how awesome, yet strange is that?!

  7. Wow, this is very insteresting and you are not kidding when you said you have some serious blood in you…Lol! I did enjoy watch it last night and I’m ready for another round tonight. Mr. Barr sure stole my heart last night…xoxoxox

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