True Country: Miranda Lambert

I’ve said before that I love Miranda Lambert.  She’s tough, yet girly, and I love that she says what she feels.  I definitely think I could be friends with her.  I like to refer to her as true, redneck country.  She doesn’t apologize for who she is, and that’s evident in this month’s issue of Self Magazine, where she looks adorable on the cover.
All images courtesy of Self Magazine
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  1. She’s so cute! I’m not the biggest country music fan (my knowledge is purely based on what they blare over the speakers in Cracker Barrel). But I have seen her before and I love her body confidence!! She seems like a good ol’ southern gal. :)

  2. I think she’s fun and spunky and I love that she doesn’t have the perfect body and speaks her mind. But then I heard she and Blake cheated when he was still married to his first wife and that made me sad.

  3. I think she is so cool! I read the interview and I love that she is happy with her body even though she isn’t model thin. It’s a good attitude!


  4. Loveeee Miranda Lambert! She does look adorable in those photos! My boyfriend and I went on our first real date to her concert and it was so fun!


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