Weekend In Newport

I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!  I spent the day yesterday with my brother and sister-in-law in Newport Beach and it was such a great time as always.  
The day began with an amazing breakfast that my sister-in-law made.  She’s such a great cook!  Check out these cheesy eggs!
Next, we headed out for our hike, which ended up being about 7.5 miles.
There are so many beautiful wildflowers and the views of the ocean are truly breathtaking.
The way there was much easier than the way back.
This was a killer hill, but check out that view.
These fossils are actually embedded into the rock from 15 million years ago.

After our hike, we headed back to the house for some delicious BBQ (fillet’s!)
What a great day!  I can’t wait to head back down to visit!
Have a great night…I’m counting down the minutes until I can watch the miniseries on the Hatfield’s and the McCoys, since I’m related to both families!
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  1. hey doll how are you? i’ve been good ive been working and helping my mom fix up her place super busy lol
    sorry i missed the giveaway.
    aww man i love newport i miss california i need to take a trip out one of these days

  2. Kori, looks like you had a great weekend! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a good rest of the week!

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