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Good evening!  I hope you’re all having a fabulous night.  I’ve been running around like crazy trying to get ready for my trip to Colorado.  So much to do!  Some of you might not know that I worked as a make-up artist for MAC a few years ago.  I loved it and gained so much knowledge about beauty products and what works best for me.  Some have asked me in the past what my favorite products are, so I thought I’d share.  Here’s what I use pretty much every day without fail.  
(MAC Fast Response Eye Cream.  This is amazing and keeps my eye area so hydrated and makeup doesn’t run $30)
(Armani Fluid Master Primer–a must have underneath your foundation.  $57)
(Armani Designer Lift Foundation.  I’ve tried every foundation out there and this is by far my favorite.  It doesn’t feel tacky, goes on smooth, and looks amazing all day.  It’s a bit pricey, but worth it.  $65)
(This brush is a must for liquid foundation.  Mac brush #187. It gives you a stippling effect, which makes your foundation look airbrushed.  You can also use it from dry to wet, so after using for liquid foundation, I use it to put on my loose powder as well.  $42)
(Armani loose powder.  Amazing and sets your foundation like nothing else can.  You just need a little bit. $49)
(To set your foundation, you’ll need a spritz of MAC Fix +.  I’ve tried to live without it, but can’t.  It gives you that flawless look throughout the day and sets your makeup.  $20)
I’d love to hear what your favorite products are.  All items can be found at Nordstrom.  All images courtesy of Nordstrom.
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  1. You are a big armani fan! I have been dying to try it. And yay to M.A.C. brushes : the best.

    I love bare essentials. It works for me and I feel like I have nothing on my skin. Also got turned onto BB Cream lately and have been using one by Boscia which is excellent.

  2. Hi Kori! I ran across your blog when looking for some boho style ideas. I am also a teacher; but first grade is my thing:) Your blog has inspired me to move forward with my own blog; which has been in different phases for months now. On the makeup note…I <3 all things MAC! I haven’t tried too many Givenchy beauty products though. Was wondering if you had tried Prep+Prim from MAC as your primer? It’s good stuff.

  3. Knowing you used to be a MAC makeup artist made me develop a she-crush on you. You people are miracle workers and SO talented. I love anything and everything MAC.
    Megan @

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