Gatsby Party — 2012

I’ve been lounging around all day and am heading out to see Sugarland later tonight, so excited!  Yesterday was such a busy day, I had my annual Gatsby party with my Juniors, then came home and had a Stella and Dot party!  The kids were so excited about their party.  The theme was “Masquerade Ball.”  They really went all out, looked sharp, and had a lot of fun.  Here are some of the photos!

All photos courtesy of Kori Donahue for Blonde Episodes.  Do not reuse or mention without permission.
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  1. What a fun idea. The most interesting my high school English teachers made class was when we got to watch the movie after reading a book.

  2. This is SO Fun and you look beautiful!!! Love, love, love this! Hope you are having a Super Sunday, Kori!!! :)

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