I’m in Colorado! Boot Barn Giveaway!

So I finally made it to Colorado!!!  We’ve been driving since yesterday morning, and had a little car trouble yesterday, but we’re in Breckenridge, and heading out tomorrow to the Denver area!  The road trip has been awesome and I can’t wait to get settled in my brother and sister-in-law’s new place.  I’ll be there for about a month, so I’ll be blogging from there, sharing lots of activities and gorgeous scenery.
To help kick off my amazing summer, one of my all time favorite stores, Boot Barn has generously offered to give one of my readers a free pair of cowboy boots!  Yes, you heard me right!  FREE BOOTS!!!  Boot Barn has been one of my favorite stores since high school.  I’ve always worn cowboy boots, and Boot Barn was the only place to get the newest, best pairs of quality boots.  I purchased my gorgeous Old Gringo’s from them, and recently I was lucky enough to have them send me a pair of Shyanne’s . Here’s a few pics of them:
Aren’t they amazing???  I will share more photos of them later when I wear them to the Toby Keith concert in August.  
So, back to Boot Barn.  They not only sent me a gorgeous pair of Shyanne boots, but asked me if I’d like to do a giveaway for one of my readers to win a pair!  Would I?  Uh, Duh!!!  All joking aside, I am shocked by their generosity and can’t say enough about this quality company.  So, with that being said, here are a few of the styles that you can choose from.  Yes, YOU actually get to choose which style you want, and as long as they have your size in stock, they’re yours free and clear!  

Those are just a few of the styles to choose from.  I will send the winner a PDF with info on all the boots you can choose from.  So how do you enter?  Click on the Rafflecopter link below and follow all directions.  Please follow the directions, so your entries are valid!  
Giveaway will end next Sunday night, July 1st!  Good luck and have fun!!!!
Oh, by the way, the winner of the Lulu’s gift card was May!  She was entry #559, congrats girl!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All images courtesy of Boot Barn, except the red boots taken by Kori Donahue for Blonde Episodes and cannot be reproduced without permission

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  1. I love the Shyanne® Women’s Embroidered Clover Flower Western Boots!I would wear them with a pretty dress and boho jewelry.

  2. Definitely the Daisy May boots…I’ve got some cute sundresses I could wear with them. :) (Although it was a close pic with this one and the rough out boots)

  3. I can’t decide if the Shyanne® Women’s Butterfly Inlay Western Boots or the Shyanne® Women’s San Juan Mad Dog Western Boots are my favorite!

  4. Honestly, I would LOVE any of the boots!!! It’s hard to decide. I would wear them with my sundresses when I go out with the girls. :)

    I would DIE to win a pair! I don’t have any real boots!

  5. I am loving the Shyanne® Women’s Butterfly Inlay Western Boots… the butterfly inlay is so pretty!

    I think these would look great with a simply black tank dress & a jean jacket! Simple but they let the boots get all the attention! :)

    kkondek at gmail.com

  6. OMG! This is an FAB giveaway!! I love boots and wear mine year round!! I am Texas girl, so you know I will get my wear out of these!! I REALLY hope I win!!

  7. While you are in Colorado you should check out Cheyene Frontier Days. They aren’t too far from the Denver area and they have some fun concerts at night. I heard Journey is playing with Pat Benetar and Loverboy. They also have Reba McIntyre and a some other fun country acts. You could wear your boots too! You should check out the website for all the concert dates. Another good one for country concerts is The Greeley Stampede.

  8. I love the black & turquoise Shyanne® Women’s Butterfly Inlay Western Boots. They would look super cute with a black dress and a turquoise arm party! :)

  9. I really love the San Juan Rough Out Western Boots! They’d look great with a sundress or jeans, all year round.

    MJ Moore

  10. i would go with the san juan rough out or the butterfly ones i have never owned cowboy boots before but have always wanted to crossing my fingers on this one lol

  11. i would go with the san juan rough out or the butterfly ones i have never owned cowboy boots before but have always wanted to crossing my fingers on this one lol

  12. it’s SO hard to choose just one! i think i’d go with the daisy mae boot because…they are BEAUTIFUL and a little vintage looking :)

  13. Oh my Gosh! I love the Laredo women’s Kadi western boots! I would totally wear them with a sundress!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Kori!
    Oh, and please check out my blog today, I’ve nominated you for an award! :)

  14. Love all of them! Especially any with flowers. Would wear with a sundress all summer and with sweaters and leggings all winter!

  15. Hi there!

    Just found your blog!
    I will participate next time to Fashion Friday, got the button on my blog!

    I am a new follower!

    Ariane x

  16. Ummm everything? OK, fine, here’s a list of an outfit I’d throw together of their products:
    Shyanne® Women’s Rhinestone and Stud Gator Print Snap Bracelet- awesome, thick, bracelet.
    Shyanne® Women’s Lace Ruffle Dress- in black (or cream)
    Shyanne® Women’s Butterfly Inlay Western Boots – in black. Because I have brown cowboy boots and could use some awesome black ones!

  17. A cowboy boots giveaway – this is great for a country girl like me living in Jersey!

    I love the Shyanne® Women’s San Juan Rough Out Western Boots & Shyanne® Women’s Daisy Mae Western Boots !!!!!

  18. OMWord there are so many awesome pairs. I’m looking for a good brown pair right now, so the Dan Post Women’s Maria Western Boots are callin’ my name. I’d wear them around town or to a football game once the season starts up again!

  19. I want to hear all about Colorado! Hope you will share some pics and must-sees? I have been wanting to visit for years.

    I love the ariat womens heritage boots in red. Not for me but for my daughter who has the same size foot at 13 (although that’s another story)…she has been dying for a pair that look like the ones from Footloose! And she has mastered the dance in case you were wondering. ;)

  20. I love the embroidered clover flower boots!! I could definitely sport these with a cute sundress in the summer time or with tights/leggings in the winter!!!

  21. loving the san juan rough out. tho it’s so brutally hot here in co right now, i might just wear them with my swimsuit.

  22. Loooooove the Daisy Mae boot!! Looks so cute! And I like the distressed look to them, vintage :) and I have a thing for the turquoise colors on brown :) just simple and pretty!

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