Old Hollywood Meets Young Hollywood

Good morning!  I hope you’re all having a great week.  We’re finishing up the household stuff today and then heading out to explore tomorrow so I should have some great photos for you.  I’ve always been fascinated with old Hollywood and the vintage looks of the movie stars from years ago.  It’s so nice to see some of young Hollywood incorporating these styles into their wardrobes in 2012.  
“Savages” with Blake Lively comes out July 6, and the premiere was Monday in West Hollywood.  Look how stunning Blake looks.  Her dress is absolutely gorgeous and fits right in with the styles of old Hollywood.  I love the nude and black, her full red lips, and of course her retro curl.  Thoughts?

All images courtesy of Google Images
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  1. obviously she looks beautiful…she always does!!

    i think it’s interesting to compare looks like this with actually old hollywood starlets. i think the older ones maintained a sense of demureness that is hard to replicate for today’s actresses.

  2. I actually really want to see that movie. It looks good and I just love her!

    She really is stunning and her style is always very on point. Of course in my mind, she is always Serene…xoxo gossip girl! :)

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