Concert Style–Neil Diamond

Good morning!  I’m enjoying my coffee while listening to Neil Diamond, getting ready to see him tonight.  I’m so excited.  He’s definitely an American legend, and a bit sexy too :-).  The concert is indoors so I won’t be wearing my usual summer concert gear.  What will I be wearing, you ask?
Well, I would have been wearing this rockin’ tee if I could’ve found it:
Image courtesy of Pinterest
Since I can’t find it, I’m thinking I’ll wear a fabulous pair of jeans
Miss Me Jeans purchased at Buckle
Image courtesy of Pinterest
A bright colored top
Image courtesy of Pinterest
A black blazer
Image courtesy of Pinterest
And a fabulous pair of cowboy boots
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Thoughts?  Will my outfit work?
Fashion Friday link will be up later today, so get those posts ready!
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  1. No FREAKING WAY!!!! Neil Diamond was my VERY first concert when I was a kid! My mom used to rock me to sleep to all of his albums!! Love him! Hope you are having fun! Forever in Blue Jeans!! ;)

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