Want Sexy Legs?

Good morning all!  Sorry I’ve been a little MIA since Friday.  I’ve been busy exploring here in Colorado and haven’t had a chance to catch up!  The weather has been crazy here.  The first week I got here, it was record-breaking heat, and miserable, and now we’re having thunderstorms, flash-flood warnings, and temps in the 60’s.  Isn’t that winter?  It is for a CA girl like me anyway.  
Summertime means sexy legs.  I have a fool-proof method for achieving the perfect leg and thought I would share with you all.  What is it, you ask?
If you want to achieve legs like these…

you gotta get this:
Vaseline Cocoa Butter line…it’s amazing is all I have to say.
The oil is a bit greasy, so it just takes a tiny bit and you’re smooth and lubed up all day. 
Here’s what I do:
1.  Shower, dry off completely, then use a tiny drop of the oil for each leg.  Be careful not to touch anything, or the oil will get everywhere.  
2.  Rub in the oil a bit more, than apply a thin layer of the body lotion or butter (depending upon how dry you are).  This will absorb some of the oil and you don’t feel so greasy, but still get the sheen you want.  That’s it!  Voila!  Your legs look amazing!

All images courtesy of Pinterest
Product can be found at any drugstore, I get mine at Target, (where else?)
Have a great day friends!  And, don’t forget to enter my Kiki La Rue giveaway for a $50 gift card to their site~it ends in less than 11 hours!  Good luck!!!
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  1. I think a little glow on anyone just looks so refreshing and youthful…especially when you don’t have to go in the sun to get it! Love this! :)

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