Go Go Gwen

Anyway, moving right along…I just opened my new issue of Harper’s Bazaar and gasped aloud.  Have you seen Gwen Stefani on the cover?  I’m so excited to see Gwen in some new photos.  She’s one of my favorite celebrities, because of her down-to-earth style, and the fact that she’s from Anaheim, CA, about 20 minutes from me.  She even worked at Disneyland, did you know that?  She’s definitely a style icon and looks amazing, maybe even better than she did when she was 25?  You be the judge.

Photos of Gwen Stefani by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar
Have a great Wednesday friends!
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  1. Congrats on the new man in your life! My husband and I started out long distance though it was only 3 hours away because of college, but it can work if you want it to! You’ll get to know a lot about each other with all those phone calls! :)

    Gwen is awesome. I love this spread.

  2. Gwen looks amazing! I’m gonna have to pick up this mag for the weekend! Your beau is cute! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’m sure you guys will make it work! Hope you are feeling better.

  3. You guys are cute together. Communicating efficiently and regularly makes a big difference. Even now, when my husband travels for work if we don’t establish a routine, it gets tough. My parents have been long distance almost all of their 28 year marriage, anyone who wants to make it work can and will.

    I love the way Gwen Steffani has transformed over the years. She has mastered an evolving style that is still her own.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. You guys make such a cute couple and I’m sure you guys will make everything work out the best way you both can. Love Gwen and she looks amazing, great post and thanks for sharing xoxox ;)

  5. The two of you are so precious! Long distance relationships are tough but you find things that work for you :) Oh, and I just loooove Gwen!

  6. I love Gwen! she looks fab in pink :)
    On a different note, I did a year of long distance with my now husband before we were married and it sucks but you can make it work if you both make it a priority to make time for each other (phone, skype, emails, etc) and realize that if you have fights over silly things it’s just the distance talking :)

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