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My last weekend of freedom before school starts…how depressing.  Oh wait, I have so much to look forward to, that I’m actually excited to get school started.  I’m unpacking this weekend, so I can get settled in my new place, and it’s football season!  So, if you’re a football fan, tell me who your team is.    Have a great weekend all!

All photos courtesy of Pinterest
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  1. …well, I’m in the land of Alabama and Auburn, winners of the last 3 national championships… and of course I root for neither (well, I grew up with Auburn, but not so much now…glad they won a championship, tho…) My lowly Alma mater is UAB… we play Ohio State and South Carolina this year, so should be rough… but ya never know…we have a new coach, so…

    Anyway, hope the Orange Crush does well this year!!!

    KIG, Lady K!

  2. I am so going to pinterest & stealing the football dazzled out! I love it hello favorite color of mine :) & as for football I love me some Floria Gators, Steele4rs, UGA Bulldogs! Hope you love your new place sweet girl :)

  3. hey Kori!! How are you girl!!! Hey, you play my Niners this weekend right!! :) How ’bout that Peyton Manning!! Do ya miss Tebow though? Well, I’ve been MIA awhile, but so happy to stop by and say hi and see this awesome post which you KNOW I love!!!! Take care girl, xOxO

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