Tennis Anyone?

Hey there everyone!  My first day went really well.  The kids were respectful and the day was pretty easy.  Maybe God heard me begging for good kids this year?  Maybe it’s my new happiness?  Not sure, but I’m really excited for day 2.  I’m a bit exhausted though and had to take a nap lol.  I won’t be able to release my posts at work anymore, so I will have to post each afternoon/evening, instead of in the morning.   I hope that doesn’t affect any of your comments or following of the blog.  Check back each day for the updated posts!
Vogue Magazine commissioned designers to create a “fancy” tennis ball in honor of the U.S. Open.  Check out the fun creations they came up with.

All images courtesy of Vogue.Com
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  1. …great to hear ya got a good bunch of young ‘uns in your class, Kori!!! (…I don’t actually talk like that in conversation…no, really… :-] )
    You will do stupendous!

    …as to the tennis ball designs…now THIS is a Gingery post!!! Ginger was a tennis nut – and she was really quite good, from the info… so she would definitely approve of this post (I’m sure she would be a big Blondie fan in general! :-] )

    KIG, Kori!!!


  2. Such cute tennis balls! Love the Maria Sharapova and Pamela Love one. Glad you had a good day! I remember when I went to school, which wasn’t that long ago, I always needed a nap…it was always so exhausting and I was always worried I would forget what classes I needed to go to…lol… Have a lovely second day at school…and bring plenty of No. 2 pencils…heehee… *wink*

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