Who Are Your "Friends?"

I’ve posted about the hit T.V. show “Friends” before.  It’s hard not to crack up every time I catch an episode, even all these years later.  Can you believe it’s been more than 8 years that the show has been off the air?  Of course, we can still see it in syndication, but no new shows since 2004.  Some of the “friends” have had more successful careers than others since the show.  So, where are they now?
David Schwimmer (Ross Geller)–he’s been acting on Broadway and directing indie films.
Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing)–He’s done a few films, and television series (“The Good Wife”), and will star in the upcoming “Go On” on NBC this fall.
Matt LeBlanc–Joey Tribbiani–I saw him years ago backstage at a Bon Jovi concert lol.  Recently he starred in “Episodes” on Showtime.
Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay)–She’s been in a few films like “Easy A” and a few shows, but can we talk about how great she looks at 49?!
Courtney Cox (Monica Geller)–I saw her a while back at Disneyland before the break up with David.  She’s been successful in “Cougar Town” but that’s about it.  
Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green)–Of course we all know Jen has had the most success of all the “friends.”  She’s done tons of films, including the most recent bomb “Wanderlust.”  
Photos courtesy of Yahoo Online
Which character do you miss the most?
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  1. Do I have to choose just one. I miss them all. And saw several episodes last night and were the first time I really smiled all week.

  2. Ah, Friends. My husband and I have watched the series so many times, we now randomly spout lines in what we call “Friendspeak.” A quote from Friends can be found to apply to ANY life situation, I can assure you! ;)

  3. I love Friends… I still have it playing every night before I go to bed, and my roommate from college just told me the other day she has to do the same since that’s what I played every night at school lol. xo

  4. I miss Rachel the most. I still love Jennifer Anniston and basically every movie she’s in, no matter how badly.
    I can’t get over how insanely old Joey looks. And you’re right, Lisa Kudrow looks amazing.

  5. We LOVE Friends at our house! We watch the syndicated episodes over and over!! Don’t forget Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion for Lisa Kurdrow, love that movie! This was such a fun blog post, Kori!

  6. I never got into that show!Everyone whom I have talked to though seems to think it was a good show. & I will admit they do have some pretty good actors :)

  7. Love the show, and I do miss the fact that there aren’t any new episodes coming our way. Cannot believe it’s been eight years. WOW. Lisa sure looks amazing, and I actually miss Phoebe’s character…but also the Ross/Rachel thing…awwwwww!!!

  8. Oh my goodness I love this show! I have all 10 seasons and I love to watch the reruns every chance I get!

    I am so excited to see Matthew Perry’s new show, Go On, it looks really funny!

    I am secretly hoping that one day they will film a reunion show. :)

  9. Friends is my absolute all time favorite show! I have all of the seasons on DVD and still watch them regularly!

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