2012 Emmy Fashion

Hello all!  Hope you all had a fantastic Monday.  Did you get a chance to check out the Emmy’s last night?  There are always some hits and misses, fashion-wise.  I had trouble accessing some of the photos from Yahoo for some reason, but here are a few of the frocks I loved.

All images courtesy of Yahoo Online
Have a great night all!  
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  1. Some people hated Kat Dennings dress because of the cleavage but i actually love it! I think it’s really cute! And I loved Amy Poehler’s!!!

  2. Great pics-thanks for sharing. I didn’t get to see it as we were driving home from the beach. :)

    While I always love Heidi and she looks amazing in pretty much everything, I’m not loving this dress. I think one slit would have been intriguing but with one on either leg, the material seems to be getting caught in between her legs in an unflattering way. The color of the dress however is different and unexpected which is nice.

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