Fashion Friday–New York Fashion Week Part II

I’m exhausted.  This day has been a long one, that’s for sure.  I just got done with another Back to School Night, and I’m all ready for my sweetheart boyfriend to come in tomorrow!  I can’t wait to show him L.A.  There’s so much to see, I don’t even know where to begin.  The past few days have been a bit stressful.  Mimi La Rue is not adjusting to the new place well.  She’s 10 and has moved a few times, and to tell you the truth, I think she’s just not willing to move again.  She misses my mom’s dogs, so I literally drop her off every day for “doggy day care.”  If you have any suggestions for how to make the transition smoother, I’d love to hear them.  
Today is Fashion Friday!  Yay!  My favorite day of the week.  Last night I featured some gorgeous photos by Phil Oh of New York Fashion Week, and because there were so many, the remaining are here for Fashion Friday.  I can’t say enough about the photography style.  I’m in love.  I hope you can link up with me!  Follow the directions below to be a part of the fun!

All photos courtesy of Phil Oh for Vogue Magazine
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  1. Love this! My model friend was in town for fashion week and I loved getting all the inside scoop from the runways and what colors are ahead! :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Sorry to hear your doggy isn’t adjusting to the move, I would try leaving down an old piece of clothing that smells like you when you leave, this helped a dog of mine. They also have anti-anxiety dog wraps, those might help- I’m thinking of getting one for my pup.

  3. Love that leather and floral skirt! Fab! Your poop pup! She will adjust. Doggy day care is a good thing….I would say get her a playmate :) But not sure if that would help or not. Good luck! Happy Friday!

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