The Cord Challenge

Are you up for it?  What’s the challenge you ask?  Wear corduroy and feel good about it.  Harsh?  I think not.  I am not a corduroy fan as you might be able to tell.  I can’t get past the 1970’s, bell bottom cords that my mom wore with her Hang Ten t-shirt.  I have to admit though, there are some cute ways to wear corduroy and these pics prove just that.

All images courtesy of Pinterest
Thank you to my sponsor Veronika and her amazing blog.  Let her know I sent you!
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  1. not even gonna lie – i love cords. especially the ones in the first pic. okay, going to search for the perfect pair now! :)

  2. Hmmm…I don’t think I can do it! I just can’t stand cord. I mean, maybe….just maybe I might like a cord blazer but that’s about it. lol…

  3. I’m up for it! I just bought a pair of green (kind of a lime green) pair of cords that I’ve been wanting to wear. The pictures you posted almost makes me want to go stock up on corduroy…almost!

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