"Frankenstorm" Fashion

“Frankenstorm” has finally touched down in New Jersey.  This storm is no joke.  I hope all of my blogger friends along the east coast are bundled up and ready to hunker down for a few days.  I know you all don’t have electricity, but for those of you who do, know we are praying for you!
In honor of the storm, we can still stay fashionable when the rain hits, right?  My friend Kerry has been fashionable in rain boots for years.  I’m always fascinated by how adorable they look on her and how she seems to incorporate them into her outfit (even if it’s not raining).  In fact, I’ve always wondered, “why don’t I get myself a pair?”  Probably because I feel like a dork wearing rubber boots.  How about you?  Do you own a pair and what do you wear them with?

Even the pups love em’ lol
All images courtesy of Pinterest
I’m thinking I’ll take these:
Courtesy of Nordstrom
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  1. Yes! I have a pair of wellies from L.L. Bean! They are so cute! I mostly wear them in the garden or at the dog park with my pups. But they are also DIVINE when it rains! An must have in my shoe closet!

    XO Lucy

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