In or Out?

I’m noticing there are still a lot of piercings out there, especially since I teach high school.  I have to admit, I’m a fan of some.  I had my nose pierced for about a minute, and even though I wouldn’t attempt some of the styles (I’m a bit old for that now lol), I still think they look sexy just the same.  The one location that I like is the tragus piercing.  I know, I know it sounds obscene, but it’s not.  It’s the small flap of cartilage in the front of your ear.  I like the simplicity of it.  I’m curious though, what are your thoughts?  

And, I’m curious what you think of these examples of dermal piercing (which is permanent, and can’t be removed without a medical professional)

Not my cup of tea, but if either one are yours, you can shop around for some adorable jewelry here.  Happy piercing!
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  2. I have a couple piercings, three on each lobe, two cartilage on one side and a tragus on the other side. TOTALLY DO IT. The tragus is my newest addition annnd i love it. To be honest, the piercing doesnt hurt. It was pushing the earring through that was sort of painful. I think they are adorable piercings, and not too noticeable, which is acceptable for your profession.
    The dermals are kind of a different…kind of modification. I know people that have them and love them, but personally, I would never put something like that into my body. Especially because if you get them somewhere super noticeable, and you dont like it, it will most definitely leave a scar.
    I would say no to the dermals, unless you really want to have weird protrusions coming out of your body :)

  3. I have my nose pierced but haven’t worn the ring in YEARS! On one hand I feel it’s not appropriate for me anyway (29 years old) but then again, I think it’s fine and wanna keep it pierced JUST in case. I still think nose rings are cute :) I think the targus (?) piercing is super cute. Kinda makes me want to get one.

  4. I have my tragus pierced! I got it pierced back in college and haven’t touched it since. I still have the little silver hoop in that they put in for me. I really didn’t hurt, but I was seriously prepared for awful pain! This is me “rebelling” and getting something pierced, but it’s still on my ear so it’s not that crazy! :)

  5. Hmm! I currently at age 24 have 8 piercings. 3 to each ear, my nose then lastly my belly button! Do I want more? To some extent yes! The mr however would disagree he has 3 on him. 1 to his eyebrow then 1 a piece on each ear. He says 3 is plenty for him! But he has tons of tats which I love :) a full sleeve then little misses name on his side rib cage :) I love the treg however it hurt likes hell to be honest but then again I am sure it varies with each person due to pain level tolerance & such if that makes any kind of since at all! Great post, I liked it :)

  6. I like it with a tiny stud, but not with a loop. And I HATE those piercings on the actual body – not because I think they look weird, but they just creep me out a little bit…not sure why

    Emily @

  7. I love piercings! I used to be a girl with lots of them! lol I got my nose pierced 3 years ago and love it! I love the tragus piercings! I have my left ear done and it has been in since I was 15. My newest piercing is over a year old (probably closer to 2 years) and it is the industrial (the big bar through the cartilage). Love, love, love it! I want to get my rook done! I’m currently a SAHM, so nobody cares what I have pierced. lol

    Dermals. Nope. Not a fan.

  8. Neither are for me – I think tragus piercings are cute though. Dermal piercings however?! No thank you! I think they are weird and gross and unnecessary LOL

  9. I used to have my nose pierced…actually four times because I’d grow out of it and then remember how much I loved it, or had to take it out. My niece who is 18 has had her nose pierced since she was 15 and now also has her monroe done which I love. My sister who is about to turn 39, and is way more laidback has her nose pierced twice side by side on one nostril but so tiny that it looks awesome and yet classy. I think if I was in a different profession (I’m a teacher too) I would definitely give the monroe and chance. I like the tragus too and would like to try it, but everytime I’ve gotten a part of my ear pierced besides my two regular holes, it got so infected I had to take it out! I do think that if you stick with a small stud like lucy hales then maybe it’s not risque at all. sorry for the novel post!

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