Election Extravaganza

It’s voting time!  I just got home from the polls and always feel a bit giddy when I get that little sticker.  Do you look forward to it as much as I do?  I could never do the mail in ballot, because I like to physically visit the booth.  They’re saying we might not have an answer on who our new President is tonight, but let’s keep our fingers crossed!  In the meantime, here’s some patriotic fashion to get you through the night!


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  1. I was so close to buying the Vote Tom’s this week. It truly was the first year I felt excited to vote… maybe I’m just getting old but I hope it means I finally figured out that it’s a privilege and to take it and run!

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  2. I’m excited too! I hope the results come out tonight! And love the patriotic fashion, of course !-Jessica L


  3. Ha, I told a friend today that I get giddy after voting too~ she replied that she never considered that feeling, so I’m glad someone else feels the same as me!

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