Isn’t It About Time?


Add that little extra to your outfit

Being a fan of classic styles, beautiful accessories and all things vintage, when I recently heard that watches are making a huge comeback I found it extremely pleasing. For me watches are amongst the most stylish as well as beautiful pieces of accessory that one can wear. There are so many different models to choose from that everyone can be sure to find the perfect watch. I personally am really fond of vintage watches because not only do they have an inherent timeless beauty but they also fit with every outfit.

Fancy and handy

Honestly, I think these watches can be combined with every style: They fit very well with a vintage outfit (who would have guessed!) but also in combination with recent clothes they make for great eye-catchers and add that little something. And besides their fashionable qualities they do also serve very practical purposes. I for my part find it quite tiresome from time to time having to poke for my phone in my handbag (which is by no means at all clearly arranged) just to learn what time it is. Now a simple and quick glance at my wrist is enough to know what time it is (and most of the time I am late again for whatever I do).

The return of the individual style

To be absolutely frank I let myself be talked into regarding watches as something out-of-date years ago, when cell phones changed our lives forever. But recently I learned to appreciate them again not only as fashionable and handy accessory, but also as some kind of personal statement. Have you ever felt that owning one of the latest cells is nothing special anymore since so many people own the exact same phone or an even better model? Well, you are not alone. Whereas owning a specific and modern phone may have been a display of one’s personal and individual taste some years ago, it now seems that everyone has the same taste. Wearing a watch nowadays is therefore much more of a fashion statement. Slim or bulky, slender or heavy, cheap or expensive, black, white, red, green, orange or whatever other color one can think of, there is definitely the right model available for every taste.

(Thank you to my guest writer for filling in for me on this holiday off!!!  Kori xoxo)
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