What’s In Again…MCM

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What goes out of style always seems to return back in fashion right?  Well, not always, but pretty often.  In the 1990′s a brand called MCM (Modern Creation Munchen) was pretty much everywhere.  It was almost as popular as Louis Vuitton.  So what’s the story on the brand?  The brand was founded in 1976 in Germany.  It was originally known for high quality, leather travel goods, but branched out into backpacks and handbags in the 1990′s.  Everyone wanted one back then.  And, it seems the trend is now coming back with us seeing them pretty much everywhere.  A fan of celebrities and royalties, the price point is affordable enough for us “normal folks,” so we can fit in with the elite.  Nordstrom carries quite a few of the line, so check out some of my favorite pieces available now.  Did you own one back in the 90′s?  If so, which style?

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