Nerdy Chic


I have to admit, the days I get to wear my new Tom Ford eyeglasses are usually good days.  I need them to read of course (but that’s not the most important part, right?), but they’re also super comfy and look really chic.  I was that kind of kid who always wanted braces, glasses, etc.  I love the look of glasses and all the fun styles that are out there make us all look beautifully nerdy.  What could be better?  I’m always on the lookout for discount eyeglasses so I don’t have to spend a fortune for great looking frames.  The heavy, academic look are my favorite right now.  What I look for in a pair of eyeglasses is much different that what I want in a pair of sunglasses.  My eyeglasses should be super nerdy.  My sunglasses need to be big, movie-star like, black shades.  My main problem with designer sunglasses?  They’re often expensive.  Discount sunglasses are the way to go for sure.  I’d love some feedback and suggestions for what types of eyeglasses and sunglasses you love and where you get them!  What styles are your favorites?



Eyeglasses: Tom Ford//Sunglasses: Gucci

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